There are as many reasons for running as there are days in the year, years in my life. But mostly I run because I am an animal and a child, an artist and a saint. So, too, are you. Find your own play, your own self-renewing compulsion, and you will become the person you are meant to be.
- George Sheehan

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photos and videographic evidence! :)

I've been out for awhile with a strained back from a self-defense course I took, but here's some things left over from my last run.  First, a little video:

People are also curious about what barefoot running does to your feet.  While most folks assume nasty, thick callouses develop, and that the skin becomes very tough like leather, that's not usually true.  Most barefoot runners' feet are actually very soft.  Mine are.  It's the best kind of exfoliation out there!  ;-)

So here's a pic of one of my feet after a 50 minute run (concrete/asphalt):

And after it's been washed off:

My feet after a 60 minute run (concrete/asphalt):

So as long as my form is good, I avoid blisters and scraping, and the feet look fine.  The pads of my feet have become a little thicker as they should, and as a result my foot is wider than it used to be, but aside from that, no issues! :)

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